Better together: Why EUCASS and CEAS are joining forces with the Aerospace Europe 2023 conference

This year, for the first time, the non-profit organizations EUCASS (European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences) and CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies) are joining forces as co-organizers of the Aerospace Europe 2023 Conference, which is taking place July 9-13 at the SwissTech Convention Center on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fedérale de Lausanne (EPFL), hosted by eSpace – EPFL Space Center.

After last year’s successful EUCASS-3AF-2022 conference in Lille, the first in person since the start of the Covid pandemic, it was clear that there are many benefits that come from the aerospace scientific community meeting and interacting face-to-face. This led to the decision of the EUCASS and CEAS leadership to create one congress that can unify the European aerospace community, instead of multiple meetings with fewer attendees.

The Aerospace Europe Conference 2023 is the result of this collaboration. The event will give all the members of aerospace scientific community one place where they can expand and diversify their scientific contacts, and present their research and solutions in a productive and enthusiastic forum.

“We knew we were serving the same community” says Franco Bernelli, President of CEAS. “Having one single major event, there is no dilemma, everyone within our community should attend Aerospace Europe Conference 2023”

This conference will be the best-attended conference on aeronautics and space sciences in Europe. 500 people came to last year’s EUCASS in Lille, France. This year, over 750 attendees are expected to come together in Switzerland to collaborate on the cutting-edge issues and research in the aerospace field.

“We are very proud to be hosting the first joint EUCASS-CEAS Aerospace Europe conference here at EPFL,” says Emmanuelle David, executive director of eSpace.

Register today for the Aerospace Europe 2023 Conference, and benefit from early bird rates! There are also still opportunities to promote your organization at this popular event through different sponsorship options.

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